Saturday, February 05, 2005

She Speaks!!!

Friday was a long day, I had to be up early since we were taking a friend to lunch for his 51st birthday. I wanted to have enough time to have a cup of coffee and a little something to eat. I had stayed up too late on Thursday and I really didn’t feel like getting up, but I did, but I was moving very slow.

We had lunch at Houstons, as always the food & service was excellent. We started with a grilled artichoke, just yummy. Then Richie and I had the Clam Chowder soup, I could just jump into the bowl and die happy. Then I had the Hawaiian Rib Eye Steak with mashed potatoes (they make them with chopped chives and leave some of the skins on). Richie had the double pork chop, with mashed potatoes, my god that chop was huge. JG had the ribs which are his favorites, they come with fries and coleslaw. Johnny had the prime rib with mashed potatoes. We left there happy and full.

Then it was off to get ready for the party being held at Johnny and Richie’s for Kathy’s 50th birthday. The party was also for JG, but since it was Kathy’s 50th birthday, she was the main focus. I had to stop downtown to get JG’s gift. I had bought him a present but then I remembered that he had mentioned that he really wanted some aprons, so that is want I got him.

The five of us worked to get the house in order and the fruit and vegetables all cut up and arranged on platters. We washed off the outside furniture, and made a nice seating arrangement around the terra cotta chimney they have in their yard.

Since it was Kathy’s birthday she did the inviting, so there were several people that I had never met. Kathy’s friends were all so nice. One of Kathy’s friends named Helen brought her guitar, she played and sang. She had just completed cutting her first music CD. She had a great voice. We were all sitting around the fire and singing, I asked if she could play Goody-Goody, she could so I sang Goody-Goody. That song always reminds me of my mom, so that is a good thing.

I pooped out at about 12:30 and called a cab and went on home. Tonight we are playing poker.

Find joy in what you do and smile at strangers, it will make them wonder

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