Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who Needs Makeup?

I was just clicking through the channels and came upon Stars Without Makeup. Click. People can not really believe that these stars are all natural beauties. Bite the lips and pinch the cheeks and they’re ready to go. Hello! There are some of us that look a tad better with some color applied to our faces, for me it’s lipstick. If I didn’t have lipstick on I would look like the walking dead. I actually tested this theory once. One day at work I took off my lipstick and no sooner than you can say MAC, a co-worker asked if I was feeling alright. OK, that did it, never leave home without lipstick.
Every once in awhile, I’ll attend one of the makeup events at Sephora,
I’ve let them have their way with me and have walked out with a totally different look. It’s almost the same feel as if you are were wearing a mask, quite fun.

Find joy in what you do and smile at strangers, it will make them wonder

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