Monday, January 24, 2005

Greetings from the Queen of the Universe

I like to think of myself as Queen of the Universe. Now don’t get too concerned, I know that I’m not really the Queen of the Universe (wink, wink). When I found out that someone else had used the web address, Queen of the Universe, I was ready to call out the guards, but being the Queen of the Universe I can afford to be generous.

It is a new year, and I have decided to start a blog. Really wasn't sure what a blog was but did a little research (didn't take too long) and made the decision to create my own. My mother passed on December 11, 2004, two weeks before Christmas. She had Alzheimers for the past 6+ years. For the last 6+ years I have been seeing to my moms needs, now that she has passed I find I have more time for me.

I have been going up to the Indian Casinos and playing the slots and of course the weekly poker game. It really is a small world, I was at an Indian Casino on Saturday and the woman next to me looked at me and said my name, I hadn’t seen her in over 20 years, such a small world. This coming weekend we are going to have a no-limit Texas holdem tournament.

I have jury duty today and I think it is going to go until 1/27/05, that is what the judge and the lawyers think. I hope they are right.

I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop which has free wireless, I love wireless computing. I am meeting an old friend for lunch today, she lives near the courthouse, we went to high school together. After not seeing each other for over 30 years we ran into each other and now we have lunch ever so often.

I am listening to a Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson Trio CD it is just great. I have been discovering a lot of new/old music since I bought myself an ipod. I didn’t think I would get so much enjoyment from the ipod but I just love it! I have been downloading songs and albums from itunes. I just discovered Madeleine Peyroux, she has a great voice. Her voice and style reminds me of the old female jazz singers. I purchased an itrip for the ipod, and it works great. For those of you that may not know the itrip allows you to play your ipod music through your FM car/home radio, so no more lugging around your cd collection.

Well, I'm off to meet my friend for lunch and then off to do my civic duty.

Find joy in what you do and smile at strangers, it will make them wonder.

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