Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Queen Says Shuffle Up and Deal......

And The Winners Are……

Last nights first Texas Holdem tournament was quite an exciting night. There was 7 of us, a $25 buy in got you $1,000 in chips. We started with blinds of 10/20 then after 45 minutes we raised them to 15/30. During the first break we all discussed how different this game was, and how tense we all were. We were all playing real tight. We all agreed that the tournament was fun, but we liked our regular poker games. We continued to increase the blinds, 20/40, 25/50, 30/60. Then we jumped up the blinds to 75/150, then 100/200 and finally to 150/300. It took close to 3 hours before the first person was out, then followed closely with the 2nd and 3rd person. A losers lounge was set up in another room. The room had another poker table set up and chips available to buy and there was music. When enough players had been knocked out of the tournament, they began a regular game of poker. We are now down to 4 players, only 3 players will walk away with any money. We decided to have 3 winners, 3rd place would get $25, 2nd place would get $50 and 1st place would get $100. As the blinds are now 100/200 the 4th out was quick. Now the people in the losers lounge were starting their own game and they somewhat lost interest in the tournament (do you blame them?). There are now 3 left in the tournament, we are all moneyed winners, just the amount needs to be determined . It takes quite a few hands and about an hour to get it down to 2 players. Meanwhile, in the losers lounge the poker game is in full swing and it sounds like everyone is having a good old time, everyone has more or less lost interest in the tournament. The last two players only take a short time to play it out and declare a winner. I am pleased to say that I came in second place.

I’m glad we did the tournament, you play different in tournament play then you do in a regular poker game. Our regular games are Dealers Choice, so in the course of an evening we may play 10 different poker games.

Find joy in what you do and smile at strangers, it will make them wonder

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