Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ramblings from the Queen of the Universe

Well, I am still here in one of my favorite coffee shops, working on my 1st cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal with a banana. I am listening to an itunes playlist that I made with a couple of my favorite jazz musicians. Here is the playlist:
Song Artist Album
Blue in Green Miles Davis Kind Of Blue
First Light Freddie Hubbard Jazz Moods - Hot: Freddie Hubbard
Flamenco Sketches Miles Davis Kind Of Blue
Freddie Freeloader Miles Davis Kind Of Blue
Sky Dive Freddie Hubbard Jazz Moods - Hot: Freddie Hubbard
Straight Life Freddie Hubbard Jazz Moods - Hot: Freddie Hubbard

Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis, can’t get much better than that.

It is days like this that I think maybe I’ll retire this year. I could spend my days updating my blog, making jewelry, taking quick trips up to the Indian Casinos, listening to good music, reading good books. Sounds good to me. But alas, I think it would be best if I worked for 4 more years.

I need to get to a bookstore this week, I want to find a book on Texas Holdem. I want to make sure that I understand the rules on blinds and betting in a no-limit Texas Holdem tournament.

I think after court is finished for today I’ll go to see my friend who works at a café. The café serves Middle Eastern specialties and your standard deli sandwiches. They have great Humos, but I tend to always get a tuna sandwich.
Well it is getting close to the time that I need get on the road and do my civic duty, I’ll continue my rambling later on, so until then……………………

Find joy in what you do and smile at strangers, it will make them wonder.

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